1.To identify, augment, and network globally distributed petrological and geochemical databases for rocks (magmatic rocks) to be accessed via the DDE as a sharing, service-oriented platform that supports access to in-depth mining and comprehensive analysis tools, with the goal to solve a number of major basic geological problems by using big data analysis.

     2. Elucidating the 3D architecture and evolution (4D) of deep-earth materials from regional, orogenic to global scales through analysis of the evolution of magmatic rocks;

     3. Providing evidence for deep-time plate reconstruction, continental assemblage processes, and paleogeographic reconstruction and revealing the growth and evolution of crust and mantle;

     4. Revealing the deep-earth dynamics and understanding mechanisms how the earth's deep engine works, including fluid and magma movement, material exchange from core to crust and the mechanisms of tectonic plate movement and supercontinent cyclicity.